# Hola, I'm Guedis 👋🏽 Welcome to my (newly planted) digital garden, where you'll find ideas and notes. ![[Main/Computer with flowers and plants.png]] # 🥬 Me in 5 seconds Tech + business for good, and helpful communities. :) <br> # ✨ Me in ∞ seconds **Computer Science** at Williams College; spent at summer at the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business **Product & Engineering** at various tech unicorns and social impact startups - from enterprise B2B to consumer B2C - focusing on economic access, job creation, and gender equality in leadership - focusing on good health & well-being and reducing inequalities **Speaker** at conferences and events - Linux Open Source Summit (North America & Europe), MongoDB.live, JSConf US, and more - Girls Who Code, All Star Code, Code.org **Mentor** the next-generation of leaders and builders - thru First Round Capital's Fast Track - ad-hoc as people reach out to me :) - maintainer/creator of [mentorship.guide](https://mentorship.guide/) **Fellow** at various high-impact orgs - data science at Correlation One - entrepreneurship at Primary Venture Partners - venture capital at Laconia Capital - AGI Safety at BlueDot Impact - AI Technical Alignment - AI Governance General theme: tech + business for good, and helpful communities. <br> # 🧩 Fun side projects I enjoy interdisciplinary thinking and tooling, using existing puzzle pieces to create something new. - wellness tools to help improve our [[FARTSx]] - neuro apps that interact with the brain thanks to the [Neurosity SDK](https://neurosity.co/developers) - personalized motivational messaging powered by [GPT-3](https://openai.com/blog/gpt-3-apps/) <br> # ⛰️ Things I enjoy In addition to dancing, reading, and watching shows at 1.75 speed, I enjoy: - tools for thought - holistic health - being outdoors - thoughtful conversations - ubiquitous ergonomics (hardware and software that makes interacting with devices a joyful experience) <br> # 🌎 Questions I'm thinking about My broader interests[^1] can be mapped across _time_(past, present, future) and _scale/orders of magnitude_ (individual, community, world). I currently act on it via building things within communities.[^2]^3ba59f **World** - [[Sustainable Development Goals]]: "How can we achieve a more sustainable world and future?" - [Effective Altruism](https://www.effectivealtruism.org/): "How can we do the most good?" **Individual + Community** - [[FARTSx]]: "How can we improve our feelings, actions, thoughts, relationships, and situations/environments?" - Communities: "How can we foster inclusive, helpful, innovative, equitable communities?" - Conversations: "How can we learn from and help each other?" <br> # 🌸 Happy to help ^02bf26 I'm here thanks to the help of others. If I can help in some way or if you just want to chat, feel free to: - send me a [note](https://www.gued.is/contact/) - voice message via [Yac](https://yac.com/guedis) - connect via [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/guedis) - message via Twitter [@holaguedis](https://twitter.com/holaguedis) [^1]: The question and action of doing good is a personal one :) I'm currently approaching it via the above. But at the end of day, approach it the way you think is best given the current circumstances while remaining open to evolving it over time. [^2]: Kudos to all those making an impact via policy, research, education, and more.