Hola, I'm Guedis!

I thrive at the intersection of engineering, product, data, and people. Open source. Technologist. He/him.


Motivated by making an impact, I build products and services that improve our way of life.

I believe in helpful communities and leveraging technology + business for social good.

Digital garden

You can learn more at my digital garden. 🌱

United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals Learn more about the goals.

Questions I'm thinking about

My broader interests can be mapped across time(past, present, future) and scale/orders of magnitude (individual, community, world).

I currently act on it via building things within communities.


  • Sustainable Development Goals: "How can we achieve a more sustainable world and future?"
  • Effective Altruism: "How can we do the most good?"

Individual + Community

  • FARTSx: "How can we improve our feelings, actions, thoughts, relationships, and situations/environments?"
  • Communities: "How can we foster inclusive, helpful, innovative, equitable communities?"
  • Conversations: "How can we learn from and help each other?"


I enjoy speaking on topics related to technology, applied psychology, the people/product aspect of innovation, and community building.


  • Asbury Agile Conference: “Modernizing legacy applications through UX microservices”
  • Jersey Shore Tech Meetup: "Focusing on the Developer Experience (DX)"


  • Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe: "Open Sourcing Mentorship, why and how"
  • JSConf US Conference: “The joy of mentoring by taking the pressure off it”
  • MongoDB World: "What if ... we open source mentorship?"
  • DrupalCon: "Open Sourcing Mentorship"
  • Moderated and organized hackathon panel: “Forking your career, committing to tech, and pushing for impact”
  • Girls Who Code: “The three questions I asked myself in tech”
  • All Star Code: "Making an impact through code and UX"
  • Hour of Code, Computer Science Education Week: “Coding is a superpower, personalize it”


I champion for a more inclusive, diverse tech community. If I can help you, send me a note!

Together, We're Stronger ❤